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what two herbs nourish yin & fluid? Cools blood and clears heat
Sheng di huang
& Xuan shen
What cool blood herb clears deficient fire and invigorates blood, clears liver fire.
Mu dan pi/
chi shao too, except clearing
deficient heat
Cool blood, invigorates blood and vents rashes, relieves fire toxicity and clears damp heat
Dry Dampness
cl Lu heat, lv and gb channel
cools blood, stops bleeding, calms fetus,
Huang qin 6-15 Gm
Dry damp, cl ht fire, drains st fire, boils carbuncles, dampheat in st and intestines
Huang lian 1.5-9 gm
dry damp, drains fire, relieves toxicity, drains Ki fire,
Huang Bai 3-12 gm