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blood tonic
nourishes and reg blood
preserves yin alleviates pain, ying and wei qi
Bai Shao
Which qi tonic raises yang qi, tonifies sp,lu. Promotes urination,reduce edema, pro pus discharge
Astagulus Huang Qi
Stongly tonifies yang qi and tx qi collapse, tonif Lu, Sp strengthens st.Generates fluids,stops thirst. Calms spirit
REN SHEN = ginseng root
LU, sp
Yang Tonic Tonifies KI and fortifies Yang
Ba Ji tian (root)
Tonifies Ki and fortifies yang modern use for menop. Strength tendons and bones expels winddamp cold
Yin Yang huo (Horney goat weed)
Tonifies Ki and fortifies Yang strenghtens tendons and bones (acrid , hot toxic)
Xian Mao
Ton. Ki, fortifies yang,stabilize essence,retains urine,warms sp. Aid Ki to grasp Qi. stops diarrhea.
Bu Gu Zhi
Tonifies blood,nourishes yin a essence,tinnitus,premature grey hair,steamingbone disorder, night sweats,emissions..(9-30gm)
Shu Di Huang
Tonifies blood,invigorates blood,reg.menses,alleviates pain,moistens intestines,reduces swelling, alleviates pain,expels pus,generates flesh
Dang Gui
(LV, ht,sp)
Tonifies Ki and fortif yang,toni essence and blood, strengthens sinews and bones mental def. regulates chong and ren, stabilizes dai, promotes pus discharge ,generates flesh
Lu rong