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to look for
找 zhao3
秘书 mi4 shu
Miss (title)
小姐 xiao3 jie3
noble, respectful, expensive
贵 gui4
surname, to be surnamed
姓 xing4
What is your (sur)name?
您贵姓? nin2 gui4 xing4?
please (used in making requests)
请 qing3
slightly, for a while
稍 shao1
to wait
等 deng3
to wait for a while
稍等 shao1 deng3
to enter, to come/go in
进 jin4
to sit (down)
坐 zuo4
Wang - a surname
王 Wang2
Manager Wang
王经理 Wang2 jing1 li3
teacher (can be a title)
老师 lao3 shi1
doctor (physician. used as title)
大夫 dai4 fu4
professor (can be a title)
教授 jiao4 shou4
to drink
喝 he1
茶 cha2
to drink tea
喝茶 he1 cha2
to thank, thanks
谢谢 xie4 xie4
you are welcome
不客气 bu2 ke4 qi
先生 xian1 sheng4
It's time to X
"该X了 gai1 ""x"" le"
to go, to leave
走 zou3
good-bye, see you again
再见 zai4 jian4
Bai (a surname), white
白 bai2
to eat
吃 chi1
水果 shui3 guo2
to smoke (cigarette, pipe, cigar, etc)
抽烟 chou1 yan1
to inhale
抽 chou1
烟 yan1
to sleep, to go to bed
睡觉 shui4 jiao4
to get up (out of bed)
起床 qi3 chuang2
to cook (food) (lit: make meal)
做饭 zuo4 fan4
to make, to do
做 zuo4
meal (lit: cooked rice)
饭 fan4
to have a meal
吃饭 chi1 fan4
to go to work
上班 shang4 ban1
to finish work for the day, to leave the office
下班 xia4 ban1
work (shift)
班 ban1
to go to class, to have a class
上课 shang4 ke4
to finish class, the class is over
下课 xia4 ke4
the first of the ten Heavenly Stems used for serial numbers
甲 jia3
the second of the ten Heavenly Stems used for serial numbers
乙 yi3
I didn't understand (what I heard).
我没听懂。 wo3 mei2 ting1 dong3
I didn't hear (it) clearly.
我没听清楚。 wo3 mei2 ting1 qing1 qu.
How do you say that in Mandarin?
这个用汉语则么说? zhei4 ge yong4 Han4yu3 zen3me shuo1?