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Contract Responsibilty System
1979. Farmers can retain surplus over individual plots of land rather than farming wholly and exclusively for their collector.
- given a set quota of goods to produce and compensated for meeting it, to go beyond this barely has a reward.
- eventually, peasants were given reduced quotas, the food produced beyond the quota could be sold in the free market, unregulated prices.
China's Generation Y
Chuppie Generation
Emerged from the one-child policy
Another SEZ opended early
The entire island is an SEZ
Residence, households. Labor in Shenzhen were migrants and didn't have Hukou's becasue many people were not permanently residing in the community.
Hu Jintao
1942-. One of Deng Xiaoping's successors who did not try to diverge from his economic policies since they were successful
Jiang Zemin
1926-. One of Deng Xiaoping's successors who did not try to diverge from his economic policies since they were so successful
"Socialism with Chinese characteristics"
Deng Xiaoping implimented this. Interpretation of Chinese Marxism reduced the role of ideology in economic decision-making and move toward a perspective where policies were decided upon proven effectiveness.
Special Economic Zone (SEZs)
A geographical region that operates according to economic laws that differ from a countries typical economic laws.
Goal: increase foreign investment
Why Successful: special tax incentives granted to enhance foreign invetsments, greater independence in int'l trade activity.
SEZs economic characteristics (4 principles)
- Construction relied on attracting and utilizing foreign capital. Dependent on attracting foreign investment.
- Primarily economic drivers were sino-foreign joint ventures and partnerships. Also, some wholly foreign owned enterprises.
- Products were produced for exports primarily
- Economic activity were driven by market demand primarily
Where the first SEZ was established in 1978. It is in Guangdong province. This site was singled out by Deng Xiaoping as the first experimental site of developing capitalism in Communist China due to its proximity to Hong Kong.
One Child Policy
1979. Implemented by Deng Xiaoping to control population and benefit the economy
Sino-VIetnamese Conflict
1979. China launched an attack against Vietnam becasue China was aiding Vietnam but wasn't getting respect, and Vietnam turned away from China by signing a treaty with the USSR. They wanted to "teach Vietnam a lesson"
Pudong New Area
1990. PRC opended Pudong as an SEZ for overseas investment. This area was allocated special privilages: reduced customs duties and income taxes and the state permits the zone to allow foreign bussiness people to open financial institutions and run tertiary industries, the state gave Pudong permission to set up a stock exchange, to expand its examination and approval authority over investments, and allow foreign funded banks to engage in business using China’s own currency.
Sino-British Joint Declaration
1984. Hong Kong was to be handed back over to the PRC in 1997. Deng agreed that the PRC woul dnot interfere with Hong Kong's capital system.
Xiao Huangdi
"little emperor" - littel emperors. Generation Y have access to more things.
East Asian Tigers
Four Little Dragons
Hong Kong, Singapore, S. Korea, Taiwan...reforms were introduced by these countries
Treaty of Peace and Friendship
1978. Signed between the PRC and Japan and it bettered Sino-Japanese relations
"One country-two systems"
This is an appraoch that the PRC had as it's framework becasue it meant that China could absorb its former colonies that have developed a different political and economic system and still have a compatible relationship with them and they don't have to interfere with them.
Currency. By 1999 GDP of Pudong amounted to 80 billion Yuan (10b US) and the industrial output value was 145 billion Yuan (18b US)