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Xi'an Incident
-kidnapping of Chiang Kai-Shek by Zhang Xueliang in his attempts to force Chiang to agree to a united chinese effort against the japanese
-held chiang until negotiations were made between the CCP and the GMD
Second United Front
-tenuous uniting of GMD and communists against the japanese
Marco Polo Bridge Incident
-Japanese took the marco polo railway bridge on july 7th
-followed by fighting that marked the beginning of open hostilities between china and japan
-fist battle of ww2
location of chiang kai-shek's Nationalist government during ww2
Rape of Nanjing
-period of seven weeks during which japanese troops plundered chiang kai-shek's capital city killing and raping thousands
Eighth Route Army
name given to the Communist red army placed under GMD command during the second communist-GMD united front against japan
New Fourth Army
-communists guerilla forces that had been left behind in central china during the long march reorganized during the second united front
-in 1941, 3000 of their troops were killed by GMD forces demonstrating the tenuous nature of the second united front
-province in which the new fourth army and GMD operated
-also the home province of Chiang Kai-Shek