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Fourth Nationalist Army
-mutinied in the aftermath of the massacre of 1927
-parts of it had dispersed to southern central and northern china
Zhu De
-ardent communist
-Mao Zedong's chief military advisor
-Commander in chief of People's Liberation Army
Jiangxi Soviet
Est. 1928 (end 1934)
-experimental rural communist government led by mao zedong
-Lasted until GMD bloackaded the area forcing communists to escape north in what became the long march
Red Army
-communist army
-zhu de = commander in chief
Li Lisan
-leader of communist party but removed from the position in 1930 because he insisted that the urban proletariat, not the peasants, would be the dominant force in chinese revolution
"middle peasants"
left largely unaffected by Mao's rise to power in the 1930s
Zunyi Conference
-important meeting of highest-level communist leaders
-discussed failure of the party in Jiangxi
-Marked as an important step in Mao's rise to power
region in the shaanxi provice that served as the CCP base from the end of the long march (1936) until its seizure by GMD forces (1947)
Kwantung Army
A japanese army that, in 1931, seized Manchuria and from there they seeped into northern China, beginning a process to wreak havoc in China and in all of asia.
Zhang Xueliang
b. 1900
-established a power base in Manchuria
-pledged allegiance to Chiang Kai-shek in 1928 but kidnapped him in 1936 (xi'an incident) to force a united chinese front against the japanese
Manchurian Incident
-manchuria was seized and occupied by the kwantung army
-puppet regime the japanese formed in manchuria
Henry Puyi
-last emperor of Qing dynasty
-installed by the japanese as the figurehead of Manchukuo
Tanggu Truce
-a humiliating truce proposed by the japanese signed by the chinese
-declared the Hebei province a demilitarized zone