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Sun Yat-sen
-Goal was to overthrow Manchu and restore China to the Chinese
-Leader of Revolutionary Alliance which culminated in a coup in canton (failed)
-developed politcal philosophy of Three People's Principles
Tongmeng hui (Revolutionary Alliance)
found in 1905 by Sun Yat-sen and Song Jiaoren
-led by Sun Yat-sen
-culminated in a coup in canton (failed)
Three People's Principles
-Political philosophy of Sun Yat-sen
1. Nationalism
2. Democracy
3.People's Livlihood
-uprising here led by sun
-succeeded, and revolution spread accross the country
Huang Xing
revolutionary leader during fall of qing
Song Jiaoren
-created Guomindang
-assassinated and unity of nationalist party ended
Guomindang (GMD)
nationalist party of china formed by Song Jiaoren (fell apart when he was assassinated by yuan shikai)
Chen Duxiu
-founded the New Youth Journal
-issued call for rejuvination of china and denunciation of old traditions
(target = confucianism)
New Youth
-journal founded by Chen Duxiu
Hu Shi
China's leading champion of baihua (pure speech)
baihua (pure speech)
-Hu shi = leading champion of
-writing should be in vernacular
-introduced into elementary schools and was popular by the end of the decade
Lu Xun
china's most famous short story writer
"A Madman's Diary"
-discovers reality of old history of china which was one of man eating man
May Fourth Incident
students assembled in front of the Forbidden city palace and marched in protest of the negotiations made with japan
May Fourth Movement
-Upheaval spreading throughout china concerning social darwinist ideas and the rise in interest in communism
-arranged marriages, whole family system, etc. were questioned