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chinese civilization beagan about the year , ___ on the ___ river
3,000 b.c. , Huang He River
By the 1900 the U.S. and many European powers had carved china into ___ , areas that these countries had control in but did not directly govern.
Sphere of influence
The ___ party wanted to bring china some of the west's technology ... They seized power in 1911 and forced the emperor to ___ , give up his throne.
Nationlist people , Abdicate
China was declared a ___ , a government in which supreme power is held by the citizens who vote on representative who rule according to law .
___ was the first president but was forced out by military civil war .
Sun yat - sen ( Guahng - jon )
___ or regional leaders carved up China
___ took over leadership of the nationlist when yat- sen died (1920's) He became president of the Republic of China in the year ___
Chiang kai - shek , 1928
___ took over leadership of the nationlist when yat- sen died (1920's) He became president of the Republic of China in the year ___
Chiang kai - shek , 1928
___ split from the Nationalist party in the 1920s.
The philosopher , ___'s idea of common ownership and prosperity for all sparked another civil war .
Karl Marxs
They escaped the Nationalist in the ___ , a 6000 mile journey ... 100,000 started in it but only ___ survived the year long journey ... ___ became the rebel leader.
Long March ; 10,000 ; Mao Tse Tung
The japanese invasion of ___ , renamed ___ in 1937 forced the 2 enemy groups to make a truce which lasted untill ___
Manchuria , Manchukuo , Japanese left in 1947
The Nationalists lost in the year , ___ ... Chiang Kai-shek fled to ___ and Mao Zebong established the new country of ____
1949 , Taiwan , People's Republic of China
Mao wanted to improve agricultural productivity so he replaced private ownership with the communist principle of ___ , when people pool land and machinery and labor and share the harvest. By 1956 ___ million families , __% , worked on them.
Collectives , 110 million , 90%
When this didnt help , Mao combined the 700,000 collectives into 26,000 ___ , self - sufficient communel settlements ... __ and __ were 2 of the reasons that caused its failure after 2 years . ___ was the name of the failed program.
Peoples communes , no reason to work hard no reward ,bad weather ,The great leap forward
In 1966 Mas began a ___ to smash the old order completely and establish a new socialist society.
Great Cultural Revolution
___ was the name of the "police" who enforced the program . They were to destroy the 4 olds : ___,___,___ and ___ . The failure of this program ended it in 1969
Red Guard ,Ideology , Thought , Habits , Customs
When Mao died in 1976 , a power struggle followed between the ___ , led by Mao's wife , and ___ , who wanted more moderate policies. __ won and began the reform , ___ , to improve agriculture , industry , science , and technology .
Gang of 4 , Deng Xiaoping ; Deng Xiaoping ; four modernizations
___ was the name of the agricultural reform program ; after the rent and crops were given to the state , the excess could be sold for profit .
Contract Responsibility system
Deng helped industry by switching from Mao's ___ , producing iron , steel and machines to ___ , the production of small consumer goods like clothes , appliances , and bikes . China still has 3 big problems to solver ___ , ___ and ___ .
heavy industry , light industry , size , geography , outdated technology
Early in 1989 , 1000s wanted a ___ , political freedom . ___ was where the protest took place and the ___ statue was raised in Beijing. ___ , military law , ended the protest violently .
fifth modernization , Tiananman Square , Goddess of Democracy , martial law
The ___ section of china serves as the administrative and Industrial center . it contains ___ , the capital and is the nations section that contains the greatest concentration of population . This section was the site of one of the world's earliest culture hearths on the ___ river.
Martial Law , Beijing , Huang He river
___ is the fine yellow soil that blows in from the bodi polluts the capital brings richness to the soil. The Huang He is also called ___ , the rivers nickname is ___ because of its long history of flooding.
loess , Yellow River , China's sorrow
The ___ region holds the plateau of Tibet .
The ___ region holds the yangzi river .
farmers in the southwest use terrace farming and ___ , growing more than one crop a year on the same land , to grow more food.
Double Cropping
The ___ river is china's east-west road , ___ is the important city at the rivers mouth , china's largest city and major port
Yangzi river , Shanghai
In 1980 ___ were created to spur economic growth and continue the four modernization by luring foreign investors. ___ has been the city to benefit most. The 1989 trouble has put this program in doubt.
Speacial Economic Zones , Shenzhen
___ is a distinct traditional society based on the buddhist religion . It is located on the plateau of tibet.Their theocratic leader was the ___.
Tibet , D alai Lama
A ___ is someone who claims to rule by religious or divine authority . In 1959 ___ invaded Tibet and drove the ___ to india
theocrat , China , Dalai Lama
Now communist tibet was made on ___ , a political unit with limited self-government.___ became tibets new name meaning ___. the chinese now allow them their culture and religion but are not loved. the ___ was the home of the Dalai Lama in Lhasa
autonomous region , Xizang ,hidden land of the west , potala palace
China is the worlds most populous nation with more than ___ people the vast majority share __ and __
1 billion , a commmon language , same customs and beliefs
Chinese is spoken by the han people . Written chinese is different because it is ___ . it uses ___ , pictures or characters representing a thing or an idea . To read a newspaper ___ characters are needed . To really use the language ___ characters are needed .. but ___ is the official lang.
Nonphonetic , Ideograms , 2000-3000 , 20,000 , mandarin
Officially communist china is an ___ state which deuies the existence of god .. ___,___,___ are china's most popular religions
Atheist , Buddhism , Confuciunism and Daoism