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Socialist Youth
-beginning of organized communism
-This group was led by Chan Duxin, who in his magazine had set forth Mr. science and Mr. democracy as the only successor of asian religion
Li Dazhao
-cofounder of socialist youth
-History professor at Beijing university, ardent revolutionary and occasional instructor of Mao Zedong
-Attracted to Marxism as a vehicle of national revolution, saw in communism the weapon to destroy imperialism.
Mao Zedong
instructed by Li Dazhao.
led the Long March, took over Bruan position.
Comintern (Communist International)
-coordinated communist international movements around the world
-arrived in china in the spring of 1920 to prepare for the organization of the Chinese Communist Party (completed in 1921)
Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
-elected Chen Duxiu as secretary general
-Comintern said that Leader had to submit to complete cooperation to the Nationalist Party (Guomingdan) because they had no faith in the communist party
-Became formal through an agreement in 1923
-Sun Yasen (lead nationalist party), not allied as equals, CCP members were admitted within the Nationalist party as individuals, forming a kind of block within and they were required to subject themselves to Nationalist party deciplins.
-CCP submitted to comintern directives
First United Front
arrangement between nationalists and communists
Adolph Joffe
comitern leader who worked with sun because he agreed that china needed national unity
Zhou Enlai
CCP member who rose to high position in GMD and became Mao's right hand man

became the head of political department of Whampoa Military Academy that was headed by Chiang Kai-shek
Whampoa Military Academy
-was headed by Chiang Kai-shek
-zhou enlai worked here
Chiang Kai-shek
-headed the Whampoa Military Academy
-became the most formidable challenger, then commander in chief of Nationalist Army, then became sole ruler
Wang Jingwei
-Most prominent competeing for national party leadership
–gained reputation for revolution heroism. Could not dominate the party and had to work with various factions and leaders
northern expedition
-led by chiang
-set out from Canton, with the idea of marching north to unify the Chinese republic.
-Some warlords brought their people over to nationalist side.
Shanghai Massacre
-Chiang broke completely with CCP by initiating the Shanghai Massacre
-Union and party headquarters were raided, resisted killed, communists were shot on sight
-CCP cells were destroyed, urabn CCP shatteres
-CCP work in organizing urban workers were in line with Marxist theory.