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-Emperor that reigned during restoration, but was a weak boy
Empress Dowager Cixi
-Learned how to use appointments, promotion, dismissal, and punishment to make herself the real ruler of the empire over her son
-Entranced in authority…no grasp of the need of China to be modernized
Nian Rebellion
Uprising againsy Qing
-Introduced new patterns of mobile guerrilla warfare that threatened the prestige of the state's basic military institutions but were suppressed by Li Hongzhang
Zeng Guofan
-defeated the tiaping
-enlisted to fight the Nian
-put a hit on the nian leaders to execution but promised to protect those who surrendered
-Took away nian food and man power
-Zuo Zongtang raised here
-He raised a volunteer army here and fought here first during Taiping uprising
Li Hongzhang
replaced Zeng Guofan and supressed Nian
Li Hongzhang recruited an army from here for Zeng but they were not loyal to him so the court switched the offices of the two men
Muslim Rebellion
-Rebellion going on in the northwest ganzu province against corrupt local officials
-Muslim rebellion errupted here and then spread westward
Zuo Zongtang
-given task of reclaiming west
-killed as many rebels as possible but was critisized for moving too slowly but evenutally the Muslim rebellion was put down
area of muslim rebellion
southeast costal province where a small tax (lijin) was placed after a fiscal crisis
lijin ("a tax of one-thousandth")
small tax placed on Jiangsu province
-too small to avoid, so easily collected
-collected on articles of consumption
-retained in jiangsu and not shipped to central gov
Tianjin Massacre
-bloodiest example of clash between christains and chinese
-French officials treid to use Christian mission to influence french political movement
-A mob outside of tianjin church, because rumors of children being tortured
-French said leave, french shot and mob broke out
Zhili (future Hebei)
after tianjin massacre, li hongzhang took over as governer general here