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Canton System (1760-1842)
-Commerce was limited by the Canton System
-it was called this because under it trade with China under foreign nations became confined to a single port called Canton (Guangzhou).
-Britain forced China to abandon it to open doors to west (spurred by opium war)
an association of firms established to deal with foreigners
East India Company
had monopoly over trade between England and China
regime well past its prime before the outbrake of the war
-fifth emperor of manchu qing dynasty
-successful military leader
-patron of the arts
country trade(rs)
-england, india, and china connected through this
-biggest chinese import = cotton. not enough to balance tea going to britain... then OPIUM
-later, country trade eradicated which made opium flow even greater
-britain started selling this to china
-chinese got addicted, consumption skyrocketed, and silver started flowing back into britain
-portuguese port where lord napier retreated to
-he violated chinese regulations by staying here, and trade was cut off
Lin Zexu
-arrived in canton as imperial comissioner
-responsibility= stamping out drug trade once and for all
-successful! foreigners surrendered all opium
-BUT england wouldnt sign bond not to trade opium in the future
Amory [Xiamen]
-china's main port for exporting tea
-treaty port
-british blockaded canton and they(?) were shot at in amory while trying to deliver a letter of truce
-last phase of war = britain occupying amory
-he replaced zexu (who was exiled because of his failure in stopping the first opium war)
-signed document that gave hong kong to britain and reopened canton in (1841)
-he was exiled too
hong kong
-lost to britain by qishan
-developed into international port
treaty of nanjing
-ended war, china vanquished by west
first of Unequal Treaties
-end of canton system, 5 ports opened to western trade, paid indemnity, chinese lost ability to set own tariffs
Treaty of Bogue
-legal jurisdiction settled by this
-established extraterritoriality and "most-favored nation" status
the right of british subjects to be tried under british law in china
"most-favored nation" status
obliged China to grant the same privileges to Britain that it provided to any other nation in the future.