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Where and when does conception occur?
12-24 hours after ovulation in fallopian tube
when does Implantation begin?
within 7-9 days
What is an Ovum?
12-24 hours after ovulation --> until primary villi have appeared
What is an embryo?
from end of ovum stage until measurements reach 3 cm (54-56 days)
What is the fetus?
period from end of embryo stage until birth
Development of the fetus in the first trimester
Heart functions at 3-4 wk
Eye formation 4-5 wk
Arm and leg buds at 4-5 wk
recognizable face at 8 wk
Brain development
External genitalia at 8 wk
Placenta formed at 12 wk
bone ossifiaciton at 12 wk
Anatomical Changes during pregnancy
Breast: enlarge and secrete colostrum
Uterus: Amenorrhea, positve Hegar sign (softening of lower uterine segment), increases in size
Cervix: increased vascularity --> softening(Godell's sign) and blue purple color (Chadwicks sign),becomes shorter and more elastic
Vagina: becomes mor acidic
Alterations affecting CV system
Heart displaced upward and left,
Cardiac volume increases bu 20%-30%,Heart rate increases, Compression of pelvic veins,