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Systematic continuities and changes in an individual over the courses of life.
Ways in which we remain stable over time or continue to reflect our past.
Development Continuities
Branch of psychology devoted to identifying and explaining the continuities and changes that idividuals display over time.
Developmental Psychology
biological unfolding to the individual according to a plan contained in the gene
Process through which our experiances produce relatively permanent changes in our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors
Developmental changes that characterize most or all members of a species; typical patterns of development.
Normative Development
Individuals variations in the rate, extent, or direction of development
Ideographic development
Three major goals of pychology!
To describe, to explain, and to optimize development.
It is easier to change a person when they are younger, we are creatures of habit and it is hard to change habits.
Age and Plasticity
Brain continues to grow during development and neurons grow and connect when new things are learned.
Neurological Plasticity
Humans are physical, cognitive, and social beings
Refers to a capacity for change in response to positive or negative life experiances.