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What is the biggest cause of child maltreatment?
What is abuse?
deliberate actions that are harmful to a childs well being
What is neglect
failure to meet a childs basic
needs including inattention to
basic emotional and physical needs
What are the factors contributing to child neglect (6)
inadequate income
dangerous housing
-lack of medical care
-threatening neighborhoods
-inability to provide basic needs
-single parent households
What are the consequences of neglect (6)
-behavioral problems such as agression
-Poor problem solving ability
-Increased risk of future violent criminal activity in males
What are the consequeences of child abuse? (7)
-sexualized behavior
-sexual dysfunction
-anxiety and depression
-dose response
What is the dose response of consequences of child abuse?
More severe symptoms with greater frequncy and duration of abuse
-Use of force/penetration in acts of abuse
-Abuse perpetrated by father or father figure
What cultural values are protective of children? (4)
-children highly valued psychologically
-child care is responsibility of community
-young children are not responsible for their action
-violence in any context is disapproved of
What are cultural facotrs in the US that predispose child maltreatment? (4)
-children seen as financial and personal burden
-lack of social support for parents and young children
-unrealistic expectations of child maturity
-widespread acceptance of violence in the US
What are risk factors for child maltreatment? (5)
-children with complex medical problems
-children with developmental delays
-unwanted children
-dificult children with colic or hyperactivity
-caregiven under significant life stressors
What are historical indicators of child maltreatment? (4)
-History of repeated, suspicious injuries
-unreasonable delay in seeking treatment
-injury is inconsistnet with childs developmental age
-history of injury changes over time or based on history
What are physical indicators of child maltreatment? (7)
-bruises or uncommonly injured body surfaces
-blunt instrument marks or burns
-human hand marks or bite marks
-multiple injuries at different stages of healing
-failure to thrive
-immersion burns
-abusive head trauma
Fracture types often associated with child abuse?
-metaphyseal lesion
-posterior rib fracture
-scapular fracture
-spinous process fracture
-sternal fracture
What are the differential diagnosis of child abuse - hematologic?
-idiopathic thrombocytopenic pururia
What are dermatologic indicators of child abus? diffreential diagnosis
-mongolian spots
-vascular malformations
-subcutaneous fat necrosis
What are the infectious disease indicators? differential diagnosis
-bullous impetigo
-staphylococccal scalded skin syndrome
-petechia or systemic bacterial viral infection
What are metabolic congenital malformation disease indicators? diffrential diagnosis
osteogenesis imperfecta
ehlers dahlos syndrome
What are other random diffrential diagnosis?
-insensititivty to pain disorder
-accidental trauma
-toddlers fracture
stress fracture
What are teh chracteristics of maltreating families? (4)
-very rigid schedules or role demands or very choatic or disorganized
-family distrusts outside involvement of neighbors
-increased child-adult ratio
-abuse or negleect between other family members
What is the physical abuse ratio in terms of single versus two parent families?
What is the rate of abuse of children in families where battered women are?
6 more times
what are characteristics of maltreating parents? (6)
-low self esteem
-less adaptable
-view the world as hostile and difficult
-substance abuse
What are the consequences of maltreatment (11)?
-underweight (failure to thrive)
-delayed speech skills
-inability to concentrate
-delay in academic progress
-less friendly
-more agressive
-more isolated; fear of intimacy
-self-destructive or harmful behaviors
-dpression, somatization, anxiety, dissociation, psychosis, suicidal ideation
-difficulty controlling emotions
-severeity of physical injury does not predict severeity of developmental dysfunction
What is the intergenerational transmission of maltreatment?
-30 to 40% of child abuse have a parent who was abused
What makes intergenerational transmission more likely?
more likely to occur in those who deny suffering childhood maltreatment
What are 3 mechanisms for domestic violence and child abuse?
-child tries to intervene in battering and spouse redirects anger
-child accidentally strunk in blow meant for spouse
-battered women may overdiscipline so the kid wont get hurt by partner