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Starting Quarterback
Rex Grossman
Starting Wide Reciever 1
Muhsin Muhammad
Starting Wide Reciever 2
Bernard Berrian
Starting Running Back
Thomas Jones
Starting Full Back
Jason McKie
Starting Tight End
Desmond Clark
Starting Left Tackle
John Tait
Starting Left Guard
Ruben Brown
Starting Center
Olin Kreutz
Starting Right Guard
Roberto Garza
Starting Right Tackle
Fred Miller
Starting Defensive Left End
Adewale Ogunleye
Starting Defensive Right End
Alex Brown
Starting Left Corner Back
Charles Tillman
Starting Right Corner Back
Nathan Vasher
Starting Strong Safety
Todd Johnson
Starting Free Safety
Danieal Manning
Starting Defensive Left Tackle
Alfonso Boone
Starting Defensive Right Tackle
Tank Johnson
Starting Strong Side Line Backer
Hunter Hillenmeyer
Starting Middle Line Backer
Brian Urlacher
Starting Weak Side Line Backer
Lance Briggs
Starting Kicker
Robbie Gould
Brad Maynard
Starting Kick Return
Devin Hester
Starting Punt Return
Devin Hester
Starting Long Snapper
Patrick Mannelly
Brian Griese
Full Back
J.D. Runnels
Wide Reciever 1
Rashied Davis
Wide Reciever 2
Mark Bradley
Running Back
Cedric Benson
Right Guard
Terrence Metcalf
Tight End
John Gilmore
Left Tackle
John St. Clair
Anthony Oakley
Defensive Left End
Israel Idonije
Defensive Right End
Mark Anderson
Left Corner Back
Ricky Manning Jr.
Right Corner Back
Devin Hester
Strong Safety
Cameron Worrell
Free Safety
Chris Harris
Defensive Left Tackle
Antonio Garay
Defensive Right Tackle
Ian Scott
Strong Side Line Backer
Brendon Ayanbadejo
Middle Line Backer
Rod Wilson
Weak Side Line Backer
Leon Joe
Kick Return
Rashied Davis
Punt Return
Rashied Davis
Third Quarter Back
Kyle Orton
Third String Wide Receiver
Justin Gage
Third String Running Back
Adrian Peterson
Third String Tight End
Gabe Reid
Third String Left Corner Back
Tyler Everett
Third String Right Corner Back
Dante Wesley
Third String Free Safety
Nick Turnbull
Third String Strong Side Line Backer
Darrell McClover