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What type of transport uses kinesin?
What types of things does slow anterograde transport move?
-cytoskeletal proteins
-cytosolic enzymes
What types of things does fast anterograde transport move?
-membrane associated proteins
What type of transport uses dynein?
Nissl Bodies
-free ribosomes interspersed btw rER cisternae
what is the difference btw the functinos of microtubles and micro/neurofilaments?
-microtubules help transport intracellular items
-filaments are mostly structural
-myelinates several axons
Schwann cell
-one schwann cell myelinates one axon
Synaptic densities
-agreggations of electron dense material on the cytoplasmic side of the synaptic membranes
-also called active zones
asymmetric synapse
-postsynaptic density thicker than presynaptic
Round clear vesicles
-at asymmetrical
Flat clear
-at symmetrical
Dense Core
-assoc with catecholamines
What are the 4 components of the blood brain barrier?
1. capillary endothelial cells
2. pericytes
3. endothelial basement membranes
4. astroglial cell foot processes
Fibrous astrocytes
-in areas with a lot of myelin (white matter)
protoplasmic astrocytes
-associated with cell bodies (gray matter)
-found close to BVs
Sattelite cells
-surround neuron cell bodies
-nutritive/support role