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What are the two plant alkaloids?
vincristine and vinblastine
What is the MOA of vincristine?
Vincristine binds the mitotic spindle and are only effective in the M phase of the cell cycle
What is the MOA of vinblastine?
Vinblastine blocks the cells utilization of glutamic acid, inhibiting purine synthesis
Why is neither vincristine nor vinblastine given perivascularly?
because it is a vessicant and never given SQ
Which of the plant alkaloids fare first choice for treatment and why?
Vincristine because Vinblastine is marrow suppressive
What is the disadvantage of administering Vincristine over vinblastine?
vincristine causes neuropathies and vinblastine does not
Is vincristine non-marrow suppressive or marrow suppressive?
non-marrow suppressive
What is vincristine used to treat?
used in combo with other drugs to treat lymphomas and sracomas and used as a single agent to treat transmissible veneral tumor
What antitumor antibiotic is used in the treatment of tumor in dogs and cat lymphomas, leukemia, sarcomas, and carcinomas?
What is the MOA of Doxorubicin?
cytotoxic binds irreversibly with DNA and prevents both RNA and DNA synthesis
Where is doxorubicin metabolized and excreted?
metabolized in the liver to active and inactive metabolities and excreted in the bile, but remains in the plasma for prolonged period of time
In the treatment of some sarcomas, doxorubicin is synergistic with what drug?
Doxorubicin is more commonly known as
"red death"
What side effects are seen with administration of doxorubicin?
Cardiotoxicity, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac heart failure
delayed hair growth
allergic type reaction secondary to direct mass cell degranulation
What must you premedicate an animal with before giving doxorubicin?
What protocol is necessary prior to giving dexamethasone treatment?
must dilute prior to giving it IV
What drugs are incompatible with doxorubicin?
heparin, aminophylline, cephalothin, dexamethasone, diazepam, hydrocortisone, and furosemide
Why is it important to pre flush and post flush the line when administering doxorubicin?
because it is a vessicant
what are the analogs of doxorubicin?
dactinomycin, bleomycin, and mitoxantrone
what is the mechanism of action of dactinomycin?
drug binds to DNA by intercalating and causes single-stranded DNA breaks causing apoptosis in tumore cells
Which actinomycins is produced by streptomyces?
What is the principal use for dactinomyces?
principal use as a substitute for doxorubicin when cardio toxic
What is bleomycin treatment most effective for?
squamous cell carcinoma in cats and dogs
What is the MOA of mitoxantrone?
intercalates into DNA and causes cross-linking, with inhibition of both DNA and RNA synthesis.
Is mitoxantrone cell cycle specific?
yes, but phase non specific
WHat is the primary reason for mitoxantrone treatment?
used for lymphoma tumor cells resistant to other drugs
Which doxorubicin analog is most likely to cause myelosuppression?
Which doxorubicin analog is much less toxic than doxorubicin?
What is the effect of BLUE THUNDER?
blue green color in scelera and in the urine of toxic animals
What is antimetabolites and what are the drugs in this category?
Antimetabolites are structural analogs for normal metabolites of nucleic acids, and the interfere with incorporation into DNA.
Drugs involved are: Methotrexate, Cytosine Arabinoside, and 5-Flurouracil