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An ionic compound which contains the ion from a base and an ion from an acid
Any substance that donates a H+
B-L acid
Any substance that accepts a H+.
B-L Base
A substance that increases the [H+]
Arrhenuis acid
A substance that increases the [OH-].
Arrhenuis Base
A substance that accepts a pair of e- during a chemical reaction
Lewis acid
A substance that donates a pair of E-
Lewis Base
An organic substance that changes colors depending on ph of a solution
ph indicator
Give an example of an organic substance that changes colors depending on ph of a solution.
litmus paper
Another name for a nonmetallic oxide
anhydride acid
Breaking up of a molecular substance into ions
breaking up of an ionic substance into its ions
two products in a neutralization reaction
salt and water
what remains after an acid donates a H+
conjugate base
give an example of a diprotic acid.
What 2 acids make nitroglycerine
nitric acid
a substance that behaves as an acid or base depending on what it is in.
two men whose work led to an understanding of unique properties of ionic substances
anhemius and dalton
a substance that conducts electricity
to dissolve an ionic substance what do you need
polar molecule
give an example of what you need to dissolve an ionic substance
give 2 examples of substances that can behave as an acid or a base
need correct answer
Tell whether the salt is acidic, basic or neutral
1)Na2Co3 4) Ca3(PO4)2
2)ZnI2 5) Nl(ClO3)2
1)Basic 4) need answer
2) Acidic 5) need answer
3) need answer
Cirlce the stronger
1)HClO4 or HBrO4 4)HBr or HI
2) HBrO or HBrO2 5)Fe(OH)2 or An(oh)2
3) H2S or HCl 6)KOH or Ca(OH)2
1) HClO4 4) HI
2) HBrO2 5) Fe(OH)2
3) HCl 6) KOH
Write the net ionic reaction for
FeSO4 + 2NaOH - Fe(OH)2 + Na2SO4
need correct answer
Which of the following is an acid anhydride? a) SO3, b) Na2O, c) HNO3 d) NaOH
a) SO3
Which of these is an arrhenius base a) KOH, b) NH3, c) H2DO4, d) HC2H3O2
Which is not a property of acids a) sour taste, b) bitter taste, c) neuralizes bases, d) affects indicators
b) bitter taste
Which of the following produces the weakest conjugate base a) HClO4, b) HC2H3O2, c)HF, d) H2O
need correct answer
Which represents a BL conjugate acid-base pair a) SO2 and SO3(-2), b) NH4+ and NH3, c) H3O+ and H2, d) CO3(-2) and CO2
B) NH4+ and NH3
The sulfate ion and the ammonium ion are produced by the dissociation of the compound a) NH4SO4, b) (NH4)2SO4, c) NH4(SO4)2, d, (NH4)3(SO4)2
b) (NH4)2SO4
Which of the following would you predict is only slightly soluble in water? a) NaBr, b)AgNO3, c)AgBr, d)NaNO3
need correct answer
Determine which of the following combinations of solutions will produce a precipitate a) NaCl & NH4NO3, b)Na2S&KNO3, c) AgNO3 &KCl, d) K2SO4 & Cu(NO3)2
AgNO3 & KCl
In water solutions of HCl, the free H+ a0 occurs in large quantities, b) occurs in moderate quantities, c) occurs in small quantities, d) has no independent existence
d) has no independent existence
Which of the following is a hydrated proton a) H3O+, b) H2O3+, c) H+, d) H4O2+
need correct answer
Which of the following is a weak electrolyte a) sugar, b) HCl, c) NaCl, d)Acetic acid
d) acetic acid
Citric acid is found in a) vinegar, b) sour mild, c) apples, d) oranges
d) oranges
The acid that is used in the manufacture of fertiliers, explosives, and plastics is a) HCl, b) H3PO4, c)H2SO4, d) HNO3
a) HCl
Acid mad in the greatest quantity.
a) HCl, b) H3PO4, c) H2SO4, d) HNO3
c) H2SO4
Hydroxides of group I metals a) are all strong bases, b) are all weak bases, c) are all acids, d) may be either strong or weak bases
a) are all strong bases
Consider the ionization of H3PO4. Which of the following is amphoteric?
need correct answer
Pick out the acid-base conjugate pairs
C5H5NH+ + (CH3)3N = C5H5N + (CH3)3 NH+
need correct answer
Pick out the acid-base conjugate pairs
H2CO3 + H2O = HCO3- + H3O+
need correct answer
Pick out the acid-base conjugate pairs
NO2- + H2O = HNO2 + N2H4
need correct answer