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who created the first ok periodic table?
Dmitri Medeleev
How did medeleev arrange the elements?
by increasing atomic MASS
Family 1
alkaline metals
Family 2
alkaline earth metals
middle (dblock) elements
transition elements
if the elment inst a transition element it is A...
family 7
family 8
noble gases
Radius- across period it ... why?
decreases becasue the more electrons and protons are added the stronger their attraction is, pulling the valence electrons to the nucleus
radius- down a group it... why?
increases- because more energy levels are added putting the eletrons farther away from the nulceus making the attraction less
does the atom get bigger or smaller if it loses an electron?
smaller because they lose an energy level
does the atom get bigger or smaller if it gains an electron?
bigger because it gains an energy level
What is ionization energy?
energy neede to remove an out electron and form a positive ion
I.E.- down a group it... why?
decreases because the atom is the biggest and the outer electron is the farthest away from the nucleus and has the least attraction so the least energy is needed
I.E.- across a series it... why?
increase becasue the atoms get smaller bringing the outer electron closer to the nucleus and the sttraction is the greatest so it is the hardest to get it to move
What is electron affinity?
energy released when an outer electron is added to form a negative ion
E.A.- across a period it... why?
increases because it the atom is smaller, the ttraction to the new outer eletron is greater and the more energy will be released
E.A.- down a family it... why?
decreases because the atom is bigger and the attraction to the outer electrons is less and so less energy is released when a new electron is added
if an electron has high electron affinity it..
gains electron easily
if an electron has low E.A. it..
doesnt gain electron easily