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do you name ionic compounds using the roman numeral system?
how do you name covalent compounds?
using the di- tri- tetra-
what is an ionic solid made up of?
cations and anions
what is a metallic solid made up of?
metallic cations and delocalized electrons
which bond is the longest and weakest?
the single bond
which bond is the shortest and strongest?
the triple bond
What is a bond angle between?
the orbitals of a bonding atom
what is electronegativity?
the tendency of an atom to attract electrons in a bond
What dissolves in a polar solvent?
ionic and polar solutes
what is the trend for electronegativity?
period- increase
column- decrease
if the EN difference is greater than 1.7 then the bond is...
if the EN difference is less than 1.7 and greater than .4 then the bond is...
POLAR covalent
if the EN difference is less than .4 then the bond is...
nonpolar covalent
if the EN equals 1.7 then the bond is..
50/50 covalent and ionic
σ+1 is put next to...
the less electronegative atom in a polar covalent bond
why is metal malleable and ductile?
an applied force causes the metal cations to move through the sea of delocalized electrons
what is a sigma bond?
a single covalent bond where the electron are shared in an area centered between tow atoms.
what is a pi bond?
formed when parallel orbits overlap to share electrons
what number of sigma and pi bons does a double covalent bond have?
1 σ and 1 pi
what number of sigma and pi bons does a triple covalent bond have?
1 sigma and 2 pi
what does VSEPR stand for?
Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (they want to be as fair away from eachother as possible)
what angle does a linear bond have?
what angle does a bent bond have?
what angle does a trigonal planar bond have?
what angle does a trigonal pyramidal have?
what angle does a tetrehedral have?