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What are the two types of solids
Crystalline, Amorphus
What are the Characteristics of Amporphus Solids
Considerable disorder, no specific form, large complicated molecules, Melt over a range of temperatures, often exhibit cleavage
Characteristics of Crystalline Solids
Regular repeating arragement, specific melting point, lattice made of unit cells, structure determined by x-ray diffraction
What are the shapes of unit cells called
What are the types of unit cells
Primatice Cubic, Body centered cubic, Face-centered cubic
How many atoms does a primitive cubic unit cell contain
How many atoms does a body centered cubic unit cell contain
How many atoms does a Face centered unit cell contain
What are the types of close packing of spheres?
Hexagonal Close packing, cubic close packing
What is the pattern for hexagonal close packing
What is the pattern for cubic close packing
What type of unit cell does cubic close packing make
face centered cubic
What does "coordination #" mean
The number of atoms that surround another atom
What are the classes of crystalline solids?
Ionic, Molecular, Metallic, Covalent Network
What are the types of Covalent Network solids
Sillica, Graphite, diamond
What is a substitutional alloy?
Some of the metal atoms are replaces by other metal atoms
What is an interstitial alloy?
Holes of one metal atom are filled with another atom
What makes London Dispersion forces stronger
Increasing molecular weight, increasing surface area
What are the atoms that exhibit Hydrogen bonding
F,O, N
Why does water expand when it is frozen
Because it is denser as a liquid than as a solid
What is viscosity measured in
What is viscosity
The resistance of a liquid to flow
Liquid to gas
Gas to liquid
Solid to Gas
Gas to Solid
What is critical temperature
The highest temp at which a substance can be in the liquid phase
What is critical pressure
The pressure that it takes to liquify a substance at its critical temp
What is the formula for changing temperature
H = (mass) (specific heat) (Change in Temp)
What is specific heat measured in
What is the formula for a state change
H= (Mass)(heat of fusion or heat of vaporization)
When does a liquid boil
When its vapor pressure equals the external pressure acting on the surface of the liquid