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Electromagnetic Radiation
This includes different types of light such as visible light, x-rays, microwaves, gamma waves, radio waves, etc
Energy in light behaves like waves. This version of classification led us to understand that light can behave like a wave.
Wave Nature of Light
Decided by the variables of frequency and wavelength
Frequency and Wavelength are closely related and depend on each other
The number of cycles the wave undergoes per second
v (nu); expressed in hertz
The distance between any point on a wave and the corresponding point on the next crest/trough of the wave; the distance the wave travels during once cycle,
expressed in meters or angstroms (10^-10 meters)
Speed of Light
A constant equivalent to 3.00 x 10^8 m/s in a vacuum
expressed as c
Speed of a Wave
The distance traveled per the unit of time - describes the velocity
c = wavelength x frequency
A height of a crest or a depth of a trough - was THOUGHT to be a measure of the intensity of light, which we perceived as brightness
A = amplitude
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Continual radiant energy; different parts utilized for specific uses
All waves in the spectrum travel at the same speed through a vacuum, but differ in wavelength and frequency
Monochromatic Light
Light of a single wavelength/frequency
One single color
Polychromatic Light
Light of multiple wavelengths/frequencies
White light; most of the light we see is this