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What is a Probability Density or Probability Distribution?
Terms to represent the idea of atomic orbitals shown so that the intensity of color or density of dots is used to indicate probability value for an electron.
What is an Electron Density Map?
A diagram to show the probability density of and orbital.
As an electron's distance from the nucleus increases, the probability of finding it ______.
What are nodal surfaces?
Areas of zero probability for finding an electron.
How can the number of nodal surfaces be calculated for an s orbital?
What is the Shielding Effect?
That inner electrons create an electron density between the nucleus and an outer electron- this reduces the nuclear charge acting on that electron
What is the Effective Nuclear Charge for an electron? How is it calculated?
The net positive charge attracting the electron to the nucleus.
Zeff = Z - S
(Z = # p+; S= # e-'s b/w e- and nucleus)