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periodic law
the statement that there is a periodic repeitition of chemical and physical properties of the elements when they are arranged by increasing atomic number
columns or familes
representative element
the groups desiganated with an A (aA through 8A) are often referred to as the main group because they possess a whide range of chemical and physical properties
transition element
the groups designated with a B (aB through 8B)
elements that are generally shiny when smooth and clean, solid at room temperature, and good conductors of heat and electricy; some metals are also ductile and malleable
alkali metal
group 1 A except Hydrogen -- chemically reacive-- more than the alkaline earth metals
alkaline earth metal
group 2A-- chemically reactive
transition metal
group B elements or transition elements
inner transition metal
the lanthanide and actinide series are located along the bottom of the periodic table
elements that are generally gases or brittle, dull looking solids, poor conductors of heat and electricity -- the only nonmetal that is a liquid at room temp is Br