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Indications of a Chemical reaction
1. Head and light
2. Production of a gas
3. Precipitate-solid
4. Color change
Characteristics of chemical change
1. Equation must represent known facts
2. Must contain correct formulas for reactants and products
3. Law of conservation of mass must be satisfied: same # of atoms
Changes rate of reaction but can be recovered unchanged

Catalyst over arrow
sped up and take place at lower temp
Aqueuous solution- dissolved in water
Significance of Chem equation
1. Coefficients of chem reaction indicate relative, not absolute, amounts of reactants and products
2. Relative masses of reactants and products of a chemical reaction can be determined from reactions coefficients
3. Reverse reaction for a chemical equation same relative amounts of substances as forward reaction-can be read in either direction
Balancing Equations
1 Identify names of products and reactants and write word equation
2. Write formula equation
3. Balance formula
4. Count atoms to be sure that equation is balanced
-Balance different atoms at a time
-1st balance elements combined and only appear once on each side
-Balance polyatomic ions that appear on both sides
- balance H and O atoms last