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What can mole fraction be used to express?
Appropriate for calculating partial pressures of gases and for dealing with vapor pressures of solutions.
What is molality independant of?
What does the volume of a solution typically increase with?
what do colligative properties depend on?
Number of solute particles in solution.
what is nonvolatile?
does not have a measurable vapor pressure
what is a decrease in vapor pressure directly proportional to?
solute concentration
what is fractional distillation?
procedure for separating liquid components of a solution based on their different boiling points
Because freezing involves a transition from the disordered state to the ordered state, what must be removed?
what is osmosis?
selective passage of solvent molecules through a porous membrane from a dilute solution to a more concentrated one.
what is semipermeable membrane?
allows passage of solvent molecules but blocks the passage of solute molecules
what is osmotic pressure?
pressure required to stop osmosis
what is an ion pair?
made up of one of more cations and one or more anions held together by electrostatic forces.
what is colloid?
dispersion of particles of one substance throughout a dispersing medium made of another substance
what is emulsion?
liquid droplets dispersed in another liquid