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What is the most direct and accurate means for determining atomic and molecular weights?
mass spectrometer
What is a mass spectrum?
the intensity of the detector signal vs. particle atomic mass
True or False: The periodic table is the most significant tool that chemists use for organizing and remembering chemical facts.
True or False: Each element is unique and shares no similarites between each other.
False. Ex. Li, Na, and K are soft reactive metals
What do the corresponding rows and columns in the period table represent?
the rows are ordered by atomic number, and the columns are assembled by similar properties
What are the horizontal rows in the periodic table called?
What are the columns in the periodic table called?
True or False: Elements that belong to the same group often exhibit similarities in physical and chemical properties.

Ex: "coinage" metals
Why are elements placed in a group on the periodic table? What similar characteristic do they have?
They have the same arrangement of electrons that the periphery of their atoms
What type of elements are on the left and middle of the periodic table?
metallic elements, or metals
What type of elements are the diagonal line that start from boron to astatine?
What are the elements that lie to the right of the diagonal on the period table?