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Reasons for total lack of ADH?
Head Trauma
Pituitary tumor
granulomatous disease
What Causes central DI?
Decreased or total lack of ADH
Causes of nephrogenic DI?
renal resistance to ADH
-drugs (lithium)
-sickle cell
How do you treat central DI?
Why do Hyperaldosteronism and Cushing Syndrome cause hypervolemic hypernatremia?
Excess aldosterone and cortisol (acting as ligands for the distal tubule aldosterone receptor) result in excess Na and water retention
What does insulin do to K+?
Insulin causes plasma K+ to fall. The cells must take up K+ as they loose glucose.
What happens to K+ during alkalosis?
H+ moves out of cells during alkalosis and K+ moves into cells causing Hypokalemia