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What is the substrate for salivary amylase?
What does salivary amylase's substrate and product?
starches into monosaccharides
What is pepsin active in?
the stomach
Pepsin substrate?
Pepsin breaks proteins into what?
Where is trypsin active in?
small intestine
Trypsin substrate is?
large polypeptides
Trypsin breaks down large polypeptides into what?
small polypetides
Where is trypsin made?
Where is chymotrypsin made?
What is chymotrypsin's substrate?
large polypeptides
chymotrypsin breaks what into what?
lg polypeptides into small polypeptides
What is chymotrypsin active in?
small intestine
What is substrate for carboxypeptidase?
small polypeptides
What does carboxypeptidase break small polypeptides into?
amino acids
Where is carboxypeptidase active?
small intestine
What makes carboxypeptidase?
What does amylase target?
What does amylase break starches into?
Where is amylase secreted ?
small intestine
What makes amylase?
What does aminopeptidase target?
small polypeptides and small peptides
What does lipase target?
emulsified fats
What does lipase turn emulsified fats into?
glycerol and 3 fatty acids
Where is lipase secreted?
small intestine
What makes lipase?
What does aminopeptidase break small polypeptides and peptide chains into?
amino acids
Where is aminopeptidase active in?
brush border of small intestine
Where is aminopeptidase produced?
in small intestine
What does dipeptidase target?
small polypeptides and peptide chains
What does dipeptidase break small polypeptides and peptide chains into?
amino acids
Where is dipeptidase active?
small intestine
Where is dipeptidase made?
brush borders of small intestine
What does maltase target?
What does maltase break maltose into?
2 glucose molecules
Where is maltase active?
small intestine
What is maltase produced?
brush border of small intestine
What does sucrase target?
What does sucrase break sucrose into?
glucose and fructose
Where is sucrase found and active?
brush border enzyme in small intestine
What does lactase target?
What does lactase break lactose into?
galactose and glucose
Where is lactase found and active in?
brush border enzyme in small intestine