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substance that can not be decomposed into 2 or more other substances by means of chemimcal change
anything that takes up space
any particular variety of matter that always has the same properties and compostion regardless of how and where a sample of it is obtained
substances that can be decomposed into other substances by a chemical change

a compound must contain of 2 or more different elements chemically combined in definite proportinons by mass
are not substances but are composed of 2 or more substances. they have a variable composition
physical properties
characteristics of a substance that can change with out the substance becoming a different substance

(boiling point, color, dnsity, melting point, odor phase, tampereature, volume)
physical change
change in the form of a substance but not in its chemical nature

(cutting, dissolving, dying, heating/cooling, phase changes)
chemical properties
the ability of a substance to change to a different substance
chemical change
the change of a substance into either substances through a reorganzation of the atoms

(chemical reaction, burning, digesting, rusting, fermenting)
releases heat (hot)
absorbs heat (cold)
measurement of the average kinetic energy of the particle in a substance
the flow of energy from a object with a higher temperature to a lower temperature
specific heat
the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of one gram of a substance by one degree of Celsius