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When you body is warmed from the effect of an electric blanket during the winter, this process is said to be:
a.) endothermic
A student mixes two solutions beginning at 25. 0C to form a final solution with a mass of 65 g at 30 C. What is the heat change,in kJ for this reactoin?
c.) 1.36 kJ
Given the equation 2Mg(s) +O2(g) ->2MgO(s)sfkl + 72.3 kJ, which of the following is true?
b.) ^H+ -72.3 kJ
Given the equation in question 18, how much heat is involved in teh production of 5.0 mol of MgO?
d.) 180 kJ
Given the equation XXXXX + 687 kJ, how much heat is produced when 106 g of Cl2 react?
c.)1030 kJ
WHich of the following statements is true?
b.) ^Hfus = -^Hsolid
Increasing the volume of a given amound of gas at constant temperature causes the pressure to decreas because:
a.) The molecules are striking a larger area with the same force.
When a container is filled with 3.00 mol of H2, 2.00 mol of O2, and 1.00 mol of N2,the pressure in the container is 465 kPa. The partial pressure of O2 is:
c.) 155 kPa.
A box with a volume of 22.4 contains 1.0 mol of nitrogen and 2.0 mol of hydrogen at 0 C. Which of the following statements is true?
d.)The partial pressure of N2 is 101.3 kPa
The volume of a gas is doubled while the temperature is held constant. The pressure of the gas;
b.) is reduced by one half
As the temperature of the gas in a balloon decreases:
c.) The average kinetic energy of the gas particles decreases.
The volume of a gas is increased from 0.5 L to 4.0 L while the :
b.) decreases by a factor of eight.
A gas occupies 40.0mL at -123C. What volume does it occupy at 27C, assuming pressure is constant?
c.) 80.0mL
A gas occupies a volume of 0.2 L at 25 kPa. What volume will the gas occupy at 2.5 kPa?
c.) 2L
Which of these changes would not cause an increase in the pressure of a gaseous system?
d.) The container ismade larger.