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diatomic molecules
molecules written with a subscript of 2 because they are elements that exist in nature as two identical atoms covalently bonded
what kind of bond do diatomic molecules have?
qualitative info
relates to things that canot be counted or measured
quantitative info
deals with things that can either be counted or measured
empirical formulas
-include all types of compounds
-represents the simplest integer ratio in which atoms combine to form a compound
what do ionic substances form if they dont form units or molecules?
ions in a compound
how are ions in a compund written?
in an empirical formula
units formed by covalently bonded substances
molecular formula
a multiple of the empircal foormula
how do ions form a compound?
negatively charged ions attract positively charged ions
polyatomic ion
a group of atoms covalently vonded together possessing a charge
how do you form a bionary ionic compound formula?
the positively charged metal is placed first, and the negatively charged nonmetal comes second or at the end
-the negative ion is slightly changed from the element to end in -ide
what do you do if a binary compound contains two nonmetals rather than a metal and a nonmetal?
-it is a binary covalent compound
you put the element with the LOWEST electronegaviity first
-you use a prefix to tell how many of each element there are
prefixes for naming a binary covalent compound
1- mono
2- di
3- tri
4- tetra
5- penta
6- hexa
7- hepta
8- octo
endothermic processes
processes that reuqire energy inorder to occur
what happens to temp. during an endothermic reaction and why?
the surrounding temp. is lowered bc the energy required is absorbed from the surroundings
what does a endothermic process look like?
A+ energy--->B
or A+B+energy--->B+C
exothermic process
process that releases thermal energy they it occurs
what happens the temp during an exothermic reaction and why?
the temp increases because energy is given off to the surrounding area
what does an exothermic reaction look like?
A+b--> C+ energy
what has a a higher potential energy, exo or endothermic reactions?
endothermic reactions have higher potential energy
can be dissolved in water
synthesis reaction
-when two or more reactions combine to form a sginel product
-the reverse of syntehsis
-a single compound is broken down into two or more impler substances
AB---> A+B
single replacement
one element replaces another in a compound
-a metal replaces another metal
A+BC-->B + AC
how can a nonmetal replace a nonmetal?
a nonmetal can replace a less active nonmetal (table j)
double replacment
how do you know if a double replacement will occur (3 ways
1. one of the products is a solid
2. one of the products is a gas
3. if a molecular substance such as water is formed
how do you determine an unknown reactant and product?
figure out what would balance the equation
how do you determine missing mass in equations??
balance the mass on both sides of the equation