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rates of reaction amount of reactance that are gone per until of time mechanism step by step procedure of reactance
change of energy of reactances how temperature affects the reactance other factors of reactance
Collision Theory
inorder for a reaction to occure the ions/atoms/molecules must collide
coliisions require
speed of particles
angle of collisions
Factores of reactions rates
amount of reaction gone or used up per unit of time
Temperature of system
the higher the temperature the more the particles move causing them to collide more
rate determining step
slowest step in process
heat/ energy
the heat content due to phase/ bonds and nature of material
not possible to measure
can measure its changes
Heat of combusion
energy change of a combustion reaction
organic fuel + O2= CO2 + H2O
Heat of formation
at standard conditions 298k/1 atom
the amount of energy reguired to form 1 mole of a compound from its elements