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List the 6 strong acids
HCl - Hydrochloric Acid
HBr - Hydrobromic Acid
HI - Hydroiodic Acid
HNO3 - Nitric Acid
H2SO4 - Sulfuric Acid
HClO4 - Chloric Acid
List the 6 strong bases
LiOH - Lithium Hydroxide
NaOH - Sodium Hydroxide
KOH - Potassium Hydroxide
Ca(OH)2 - Calcium Hydroxide
Sr(OH)2 - Strontium Hydroxide
Ba(OH)2 - Barium Hydroxide
What is the mathematical equation for the Combined Gas Law?
What is the mathematical equation for the Ideal Gas Law?

R is the Universal Gas Constant and always = 0.08206
What is the Universal Gas Constant?
R = 0.08206
1 atm = ? mmHg
760 mmHg
What is the mathematical equation for Percent Yield?
Actual Yield
Theoretical Yield
Define the Empirical Formula
A formula that gives the simplest whole-number ratio of atoms in a compound.
Define the Molecular Formula
The actual formula of a compound that may/not = the E.F.
What is the mathematical equation for the molecular formula?
multiplier =

molar mass (mm)
empirical mass