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zone 1
broad OH, C-H end of alkyne, broad N-H (amide, amine)
zone 2
aldehyde (2700-2500), carboxylic OH = broad, aryl/vinyl carbon, sp3 carbon (alkane)
zone 3
triple bonds- alkyne, nitrile
zone 4
carbonyl group, aromatic overtones
zone 5
benzene ring, alkene
purpose of mass spec
determine molecular mass by manipulating flight path of molecular ion (or fragments) in magnetic field
what happens in IR
heat in IR casues vibration between a bond
purpose of proton NMR
energy required to cause nuclear spin flip fxn of magnetic environment experienced by the nucleus
base peak
peak corresponding to most abundant ion in mass spectrum
chemical shift
shift in parts per million of an NMR signal from signal of a reference signal
chemical shift of a nucleus that is deshielded
spin spin coupling
magnetic interaction of nuclear spins that results in two or more energy states for spin system
pattern that appears on NMR spectrum as result of spin spin coupling
chem shift of nucleus that is shielded