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A person who executes quickly and effectively
3 different roles
A person with a high degree of knowledge, skill or experience in a particular field,
an expert
Customer Champion,
A person who actively promotes and supports customers
proactive support
In the beginning
Support centers were "back office" operations found in the basements, attics, and cleaned out storage closets
technology growth
When CSTs do not use the services provided by the support center, the organization is affected negatively in several ways
Decrease productivity, decrease morale, staff turnover, los revenue and increased operating costs
Negative impact
The Help Desk resolve technical issues and a Call Center serves as a sales function
These two support models are evolving into one, value-added Knowledge Center
Help Desk and Call Centers support models
Multi-channel methods of resolutions
Email, self-healing, knowledgebase tools, case access, self-help and web chat
6 tools of multi-channel support
If a commom resolution exist, an automatic reply is drafted to the customer
Exercise 1
Diagnoses software application problems and attempts to automatically fix them
Exercise 1
Knowledgebase Tools
A database that is populated with solutions to real problems
Exercise 1
Case Access
An efficient and reliable way of providing up to the minute case status info to customers
Exercise 1
Allows customers to search an online knowledge base using relevant words or phrases
Exercise 1
Web chat
Real time customer support without using a pone or email
Exercise 1
The 6 benefits of a Knowledge Center
Absolute Access
The Knowledge Center's Role in the Business. The three driving forces of a best-in class organization
3 components: Business Image, Business Impact and Company Culture
The support industry began as:
A back-office operation
What results from customers not using the services provided by the support center?
All of the above
The three structual elements that every support center framework must have for success are:
Strategy Statement, Service Level Agreement, and Standard Opeating Procedures
Strategy Statement = Vision
SLA = Standards
SOP = Provide Consistency
Strategy Statement is directed to all....
Stakeholders [Everyone]
What is the number 1 Marketing Tool?
a. SOP
b. SLA
c. Strategy Statement
Strategy Statement
What is OLA?
Opeating Level Agreement
Chapter 2-9
SLAs includes
Stategic Statement, scope of services, response time for each service, hours of operation, stated levels of quality and speed of services and key contacts for all issues
Chapter 2-9
One of the main elements of a SLA is defined severity or?
Priority levels
Chapter 2-10
Primary response time is:
The time that exists between the Customer first report of an issue and the time the support professinal address and resolve the issue
Chapter 2-10
Determining Response Times is based on:
Productivity lost, number of customers affected, and the overall business impact
Chapter 2-11
What are the 2 levels of Impact
Business and Technical
Chapter 2-11
Standard Operating Procedures are written & directed to:
Support Professional
Chapter 2-12
Standard Opeating Procedures outlines
best practices procedures
SOPs are beneficial because they
Provide Consistency
Strengthens teamwork
Provide ease of Training for Mgrs.
Makes customers comfortable
Chapter 2-12
A Strategy Statement is directed to:
Stakeholders [everyone]
What is the purpose of implementing a SOP
To provide consistency thruout the organization
The _________ is a great opportunity to market the Knowledge Center to Customers
Strategy Statement
Chapter 2-7
A SLA is directed to
Customers and the support center
What are the three structural elements of a Support Center?
Strategy Statemenet, SLA and SOP
Alignment means that
every element both governs and supports the others
Chapter 2-13
A strategy statement
addresses the need for a well-defined vision & address all stakeholders
Chapter 2-15
Service level agreements
help to create measureable standards. A negotiated contract between the support center and its customers
Chapter 2-15
Standard operating procedures
provide established policies and guidelines, written for support professionals.
High Impact Training top 10 issues
Apprenticeship, Documentation, Learning Lunches, Conference Calls, Role-playing, Rotations Customer Greetings, Placing a Customer on Hold, Handling Customer Issues, Follow-up Techniques, Closing Case Reports
Chapter 3-7