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1st estate; tunic stained from battle; ideal; loves virtue
1st estate; loved himself and apperences; showed off his legs; educated; son of the knight; not ideal
3rd estate; carries many weapons; wears a coat of green; knows a lot about woodcraft; wears a medal as a good luck charm; loves violence; not ideal
2nd estate; likes animals; wore expensive jewelry; tender at heart; loves pleasure; not ideal
2nd estate; fancy clothes-fur coat; many horses and dogs- greyhounds, likes hunting and dogs; loves pleasaure; not ideal; ;acts like he is in first estate
2nd estate; carried guitar; carried knoves; says that nothing good comes from the poor; loves money; not ideal
middle class; has a horse; opinionated; expert at money; sits high on his horse b/c he is superior; loves money; not ideal
2nd estate; had a horse thinner than a rake; into his studies; doesnt like the church; loves learning; not ideal
oxford cleric/student
middle class; dresses well, but not flashy; held in high regard for knowlegde of the law; loves winning and money; not ideal
lower first estate; beard; silk purse; confident. personable; a glutton; not ideal
middle class; nice clothes with a lot of tools; a lot of money; wives want to be seen in public; loves appearences; not ideal
guild's man
3rd estate; knows food well; has a wound that doesnt heal; big drinker; loves food and alcohol; not ideal
upper third class; wore a long gown with a dagger and horse that he doesnt know how to ride; dark skin from being on the water; tries to bring things in w/o being taxed; loves violence and money; not ideal
middle class; blood red garments; well versed in medicine and astronomy; loves gold which he won aftere the plague; not ideal
middle class; red tights and gapped teeth; hat on head; large hips; spurs on heels; five husbands; liked to chat; went on many pilgrimages; loves men power and sex; not ideal
woman in bath
second estate; poor; shepard; gives to poor; carried god's word through his actions; didnt like to accept taxes; loves God; ideal
3rd estate; wore a smck and rode a mare; hard, honest worker; paid taxes; loves God; ideal
3rd estate; sword on his side; owned a bagpipe; tall, short, boastful; master at stealing grain; loves porn and money; not ideal
middle class; watched the market; wise but illiterate; good at bargaining for food; clever and shrewd; fools smart lawyers; loves money and power; not ideal
manciple/office manager
top of third estate; old, thin, sickly; obsessive; dresses conservatively; farmers trusted him; higher people rewarded him, lower people knew the truth; stole the money for himself; loves money; not ideal
reeve/estate superintendent
second estate; garlic on his hand; drank a lot; had STDs; likes secrets; loves money and power; not ideal
second estate; wears relics; pardons people of their sins, if they buy his indulgences; keep contributions and sells them as fake relics; loves money; not ideal