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the belief that racial differences make one group superior to another.
men are superior to women; maintain powerful position of males.
belief that people with disabilities are inferior to persons without disabilities.
Bi-lingual Education-
strategy that uses English and the native language of students in classroom instruction
English as a Second Language (ESL)-
an educational strategy for teaching English to speakers of other languages without the use of the native language for instruction.
Four National Education Reform Goals:
1. Stronger accountability for student learning results.
2. Increased educational flexibility and local control
3. Expanded educational options for parents.
4. Emphasis on teaching methods that work.
Three Requirements for No Child Left Behind:
1. Requires the tracking of all students' progress, grades 3-8.
2. Requires every student to pass State Proficiency Tests by the end of the 2013-2014 school year.
3. Requires that every classroom have a highly qualified teacher who is fully certified and licensed in the areas they teach.
the belief that members of one's own group are superior to the members of other groups.
is a preconceived negative attitude toward members of specific ethnic, racial,religious, or socioeconomic groups.
White,middle-class, protestants whose ancestors immigrated from Western Europe.
socially transmitted ways of thinking, believing, feeling, and acting withing a group of people that are passed from one generation to the next.
Title IX-
the law that prevents discrimination in education programs based on sex.
Socioeconomic Status-
the economic condition of individuals based on their income, occupation, and educational attainment.
a process by which an immigrant is incorporated into the dominant culture.
the wide range of differences among people, families, and communities based on their cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
Name four major ethnic groups:
1. African Americans
2. Latin Americans
3. Asian Americans
4. Middle Eastern Countries
Educationally Disadvantaged-
is when a student qualifies for a free or reduced lunch.
Immigrant students require how many years to reach language proficiency:
2-3 years for conversationally fluent.
5-7 years for academically fluent.
What is a person's ethnicity based on:
their culture and national origin.
What is the fastest growing religion:
What does the first amendment guarantee:
Freedom of religion
the process of learning the cultural patterns of the dominate culture.
What are challenges facing youth today:
peer pressure, grow up quickly, media providing conflicting messages.
McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act-
eliminated the residency requirements for students.
How to tell if a child is being abused:
hungry, bruised, and depressed
the integration of all students, regardless of their background abilities, in all aspects of the educational process.
the process of learning the characteristics of the culture of the group to which one belongs.