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what does Republic mean?
A government in which the people chose their leader
What is a PATRICIAN?
A patrician is powerfull upper class citizens of Rome
What is a PLEBEIAN?
A Plebeian is a lowerclass citizen of Rome
What does Consul mean?
Consuls are two leaders of Roman Republic
What does it mean when you Veto somthing?
When you Veto something you refuse your consent to it
What do Tribunes do?
A Roman Tribune is someone elected to protect the lower classes of Roman Life
What are Legions?
Divisions of Roman Soldiers
What are Legionaries?
Roman Soldiers
What are Latifundias?
they are large Roman Estates
What are Publicans?
Roman Tax collectors
What is a Dictator?
an absolute ruler of an estate
What are Triumvirates?
3 people who rule with equall power
Who was Trquin the Proud?
The Etruscan King
What is the Senate?
The Senate was made up of 300 men, the senate handled daily problems of the government, it also advised the consuls, it decided how ot deal with foregein countries, proposed the laws, and approved public contracts
What are the Twelve Tables?
The Twelve Tables were the basis for all future Roman Law, it held information about wills, property rights, and court actions.