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An agency that "rents" employees to employers
Tempporary Service
A law that protects all workers, including minors
Fair Labor Standards Act
A contribution of free labor
Volunteer Work
A document stating that you don't have an infectious disease or that you're free of certain drugs
Health Certificate
A document stating that a person is eligible wo woek in the United States
Employment Eligibility
A statement containing information that employers require before hiring new employees
Job Application Form
An investigation of a job applicant's former employers, schools, and references
Background Check
A type of insurance that pays financial losses if an employee fails to perform his or her duty or us guilty of theft
An opportunity to personally present yourself to an employer
Job Interview
The lowest wage an employer may pay for certain types of work
Minimum Wage
A program in which employers actively seed to hire minorities
Fair Employment Program
True and supported by facts
A serious crime
Readiness and ability to take the first steps in any undertaking
A document that is necessary for the employees under eighteen in most non-farm jobs
Work Permit
A test to determine how well and applicant is likely to perform in a certain area of work
Pre-employment Test
An employer's formal proposal of employment
Job Offer
A job that proveds you with an opportunity to assume abult responsibilities
Full-time Job
The department that is responsibile for recruiting and hiring new employees
Personnel Department
A pre-employment test for government jobs
Civil Service Examination