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distinguished, chivalrous, possesses truth, honor, generosity, and courtesy, did nobly in war everywhere, Christian, fought for faith, wise, modest, never said a boorish thing, had fine horses, dressed modestly
lover, soldier, curly locks, 20, moderate stature, agility and strength, some service, did valiantly to win lady's grace, wore embroidered clothes, wore flowers, sang, played flute, wore short gown, well-accomplished, loved hotly, courteous, lowly, serviceable
servant, coat and hood of green w/ peacock feathered arrows, carried bow and arrows, head like a nut, brown face, knew woodcraft, saucy brace on arm to protect from bow, sword, shield, and dagger, wore medal of St. Christopher that was silver, had hunting horn, forester
simple and coy smile, madam eglantyne, nasal sounding, spoke some french, good manners, pleasant and friendly, graceful, prioress, wept if saw mouse, charitably solicitous, had little dogs, chubby, coral trinket w/ gold brooch
hunting was his sport, many horses, uncloistered, had greyhounds, sleeves w/ gray fur, gold fashion pin on hood, bald head, shiny skin, fat, but personable, prominent eyes, brown horse
jolly and merry, gallant phrase and well-turned speech, fixed up marriages, beloved, said he had license from pope to hear confessions, asked for gift after confession, sang w/ good voice, white neck, begged for $, settled disputes for $
beard, multi-colored dress, beaver hat, buckled boots, told of opinions and pursuits, told of increase of capital, expert at exchanges, none knew he's in debt, stately in administration, loans, bargains, and negotiations, excellent fellow
student, thin horse, not fat, had hollow look, bare thread on overcoat, no preference in religion, too unworldly to search for secular employment, preferred books over clothes and music, spent $ on learning, prayed for and thanked them, never spoke more than needed, formal, respectful, tone of moral virtue in his speech, gladly learned and taught
oxford cleric
wary and wise, discreet, man of reverence, judge of court, fame, education, high position, either wrong or right, less busy than seemed, knew of every judgment, case and crime, dictate defenses, draft deeds, multi-colored coat, and pinstripe silk belt
serjeant at the law
landowner, white beard, colorful complexion, loved morning cake and wine, lived for pleasure, hospitable, had great stock of wine, lots of food, table always set, judge at periodically held court, rep. in parliament, had dagger and silk purse, sheriff that checked audit
silver knives, worthy citizens, had wisdom, had enough income, wives should be called madams
had ulcer on knew
road farmer's horse, woollen gown that went to knee, dagger on lanyard, tan skin, excellent fellow, many a draught of vintage, red and yellow, ignored nicer rules of conscience, made prisoners walk the plank, skill at reckoning tides, prudent in undertaking, been in tempests, knew havens, barge = the maudelayne
no one spoke as well as he on points of medicine and surgery, knew astrology, waited til horoscope was good for his patient to work on him, always knew what was wrong, perfect practicing physician, friends with apothecary, both made money from sly deals, knew mythology, had nutritious diet, didnt read bible, loved gold
somewhat deaf, great at making cloth, had fine kerchiefs, scarlet red hose, bold, handsome face, 5 husbands, religious, gap teeth, large hips, knew remedies of love's mischances
women from bath
rich in holy thought and work, learned, knew Christ's gospel and preached it, taught it, benign, wonderfully diligent, gave to poor, watched over congregation, shepherd, not contemptuous, never a better priest, never sought glory, lived what he taught
brother of parson, honest worker, lived in peace and charity, loved God, never slacked, helped poor without taking a penny, paid tithes in full when due, rode mare and wore short jacket
chap of 16 stone (224 lbs), played bagpipes, won ram at wrestling show, broad, knotty, short shouldered, strong, red beard, on nose he had a wart with hair on it, wide black nostrils, sword and buckler at side, dirty mouth, told tavern stories, sold grain for more than its worth, wore blue and white coat
never rash, watched stocks, illiterate, learned from masters with legal knowledge
bad-tempered, close shaven beard, hair stopped at ears, lean legs, could tell what weather would do to cops, animals trusted to him, knew people's tricks, good hand at bargains, rode gray horse = scot, feared by employees under him
bad acne, narrow eyes, black scabby brows, thin beard, children afraid of him, loved garlic and onions, drank red wine,used phrase to get out of stuff, took bribes, knew secrets, hypocrite
sang, yellow hair w/ rat tails, bulging eyes, sewed holy relic on cap, no beard - couldn't get one, lied about relics