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Simple Squamous
Lining of blood vessels, lining of body cavities, part of kidney tubules.
Function- protection, absorption
Simple Cuboidal
Secretory portion and ducts of some glands, part of kidney tubules.
Function- secretions, protection
Simple Columnar
Lining of gastrointestinal tract, ducts of some glands.
Function- Absorption, protection,secretion
Pseudostratified Columnar
Lining of trachea, upper respiratory tract, and parts of male reproductive system.
Function- protection, secretion
Stratified Squamous
Epidermis, lining of mouth, esophagus, and vagina.
Function- protection, secretion, some absorption
Stratified Cuboidal
Ducts of sweat glands.
Function- protection
Stratified Columnar
Part of the lining of male urethra
Function- Protection
Lining of the ureter and urinary bladder.
Function- protection