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The praqctice of appointing people to Gove't jobs
Spoils System
A system of selecting presidential canidates in wich members
Caucus System
tariff of 1828 that made imports extermnly expensive
Tariff of Abominations
to with draw
vice president of the u.s.
John Calhoun
The idea tha the states thave the right to declare a federal law null
Senator from MAssachussetts and opponit of nulifiction
Danial Webster
LAw that authorived the pesident to use the millitary to enforce acts o congress
force bill
law that provided money to relocate Ntaive Americans
Indian Removal Act
Forced march of the cheocee in georgia to Arkansas and oklohoma
Trials of tears
Economic crisis in wich many banks and buisness failed
Panic of 1837