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machine for removing cotton seeds from the cotton bolls
cotton gin
plantation owner
ordinary soutern farmer who owned four or fewer slaves , but usually workedthe land themselves
yeoman farmers
labor system use in the south on farms & small plantations in which enslaved workers were given a set of specifis jobs to accomplish every day and work ed until these werecompleted
Task System
labor system on large plantations in which inslaved persons were organized into large wok gangs and sent into the field to work
gang system
director of a work gang on a large plantations
former slave who became a prominate leader of the anislavery movment
Fredrick Dougless
state laws that limit the legal rights of enslaved persons
slave codes
free american who operated a woodworking shop in south carolina and planned an armed revolt to free the region's slaves
denmark vessy
enslaved minister who led a armed uprising in virginia to free the slaves
nat turner