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classical conditioning
basic form of learning in shich two stimuli events become linked. 1 serves as a signal for the other
operant conditioning
a process through which organisms learn to repeat behaviors that yeild positive outcomes or permit them to avoid escape from negaitve outcomes learning based on consquences
the application or removal of a stimulus to incree th strenght of a specific behavior
a prodedure by which the application or removal of a stimulus decreases the strength of a behavior
a technique in which closer and closer approximations to desired behavior are required for the delivery of positive reinforcemnt, a reward given at each step towarsd the goal
observational learning
the acquistion of new forms of behavior, info or concepts through exposre to others and concsequences they experince
our cognitive system for stroing and retrieving info.
the process through which info is converted intoa form that can be entered into memory
the process through which info is retained in memory
the process through which info is stored in memory is located
working memory
a memory sytem that holds inot we are processing ath the moment
episodic memory
memory for factual info that we acquired at a specific time
semantic memory
stores general, abstract knowlegde about the world, info we cannot remember acquiring at the specific time and place
procedural memory
retains info we cannot readily express verbally, like how to ride a bike.