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What is WIA?
Windows Image Acquistion architecture. Desigend to manage images bw capture device and computer'software.
How can you connect capture devices to XP with WIA technology?
Iee 1394, USB, SCSI
What is WIA composed of?
Scanner and Camera Wizard, Extensions to Windows Explorer User Interface, WIA applications, WIA device manager, Imaging class installer WIA scripting interface
XP extends support for digital audio and video through ___ .
multi channel audio output and playback support, Acoustic echo cancellation, global effects
configuration for current user- subkey of HKEY_USERS
configuration for all users
configuration used regardless of user logged in
configuration used by windows explorer to properly associate file types with applications
configuration of hardware profile used during system startup
How do you access Device Manager?
Right Click on My Computer and CLick on Manage
What does Device Manager do?
displays information about hardware installed.
How do you install non Pnp devices?
Configure the device's resources manually (IRQ, I/O port, memory address, and Direct Memory Access)
How can you view allocated resources?
Start-> Right-Click My Computer ->Manage. Select view-> resources by connection
What options do you have with driver signing?
Ignore- install anyway
Warn - prompt each time to choose action
block - never install unsigned drivers
What kind of card do you need to use multiple monitors?
PCI:Peripheral Connection Interface OR
AGP:Accelerated Graphics Port
ACPI is __.
Advance Configuration Power Interface.
For laptops, how many power states are there with ACPI?
Complete shutdown, Hibernation, Standby (3 levels) Fully active
Hibernation does not save all of your Desktop state or open files. True or False.
Standby does not save data automatically. True or False.
With level 1 of standby what is turned off?
Monitor and hard drive
With level 2 of standby what is turned off?
CPU and cache
What occurs with level 3 standby?
Ram receives power and Desktop is preserved in memory.