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With RIS install, the admin can configure __?
What OS to install.
Automatic naming of PC's.
Active Directory placement. Crete/Modify answer file.
With Unattend install, one can: clean install, upgrade or both?
Both. Clean install and Upgrade.
With RIS, one can: clean install, upgrade or both?
Just Clean install.
With Sysprep, one can: clean install, upgrade or both?
Just Clean install.
What are the minimum requirements for installing a RIS server?
133 MHZ, min of 128 MB RAM, Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 server
What services must be on your RIS server in order for other network servers to be able to access it?
TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, Active Directory.
What is the path for installing RIS server?
Start->Programs->Admin Tools->Configure Your Server.
What is BINL?
Boot Information Negotiation Layer: a protocol used to repsond to client requests for DHCP and CIW.
What are the 4 services included in RIS install?
BINL, SIS, SIS Groveler, TFTP.
What is SIS?
Manages and duplicates copies or images by replacing duplicates with a link to the original.
What is SIS Groveler?
Scans the SIS volume for files that are identical, if found it replaces copies with a link to original.
What is TFTP?
a UDP based file protocol that is used to download the CIW from the RIS server.
What does the Risetup utility do?
Locates an NTFS file to store remote (cd based)images, creates file structure for remote images, copies XP install files & CIW, and configures RIS. Starts the services BINL, TFTP & SIS.
What does Riprep do?
Used to prepare a pre-installed and cofigured XP PC for disk imaging so that the image can be placed on RIS server.
Does Riprep only contain XP os?
No, it can also include applications that should be installed.
With Riprep, where does all of the applications have to be on the reference pc?
The C volume.
What is required for a RIS server to respond to client request?
The DHCP server must be authorized thourgh Active Directory. (By authorizing DHCP servers, you ensure that rogue DHCP servers don't assign client IP addresses)
To install an image using RIS you must have ther user right to create a computer account.
How do you grant a user the right to create a computer account?
Use Active Directory. Right Click the OU or domain click on "Delegate Control." Use wizard to give user right.
How do you grant a user the right to allow logging on as a batch job?
With Admin account, use MMC and snap in Group Policy. Select Local COmp->Computer Configuration->Windows Settings->Security settings->User Rights Assignment.
How do you configure your RIS server to respond to clients?
use Active Directory. Right click RIS server and select properties. Check "RESPOND TO CLIENT COMPUTERS."
What allows a client computer to remotely boot?
PXE:Pre-boot eXecution Environment.
How would you create a RIS boot disk?
On any Windows XP computer on network, go to Start-Run
Once you've configured your RIS Server, how does a user install XP on a computer?
Start up computer and use F12 to network boot. Once CIW press enter. Log into domain. Select option from menu.
What is the path to install RIS server?
Start->Programs-> Admin Tools-> Configure Your Server.
What step should one take after installing RIS Server?
Authorizing the RIS Server through DHCP. Start->Programs->Admin Tools->DHCP->Right Click->Click "Authorize."
How do you grant a user a right to create a user account?
Through Active Directory. Delegation of Control Wizard. In Users dialog box, add user. In Tasks select "Join a computer to domain."
How do you configure your RIS server to respond to client requests?
In Active Directory, right-click on RIS server, Check "Respond to client computer requests."
What is the name of the standard RIS template?
What is the purpose of a template?
Used to specify the installation parameters for client computers.