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What region forms the eastern part of Virginia along the Chesapeake Bay?
Tidewater Region
The daily rising and falling of the ocean waters and waters connected to them called?
The moving of people or goods is called...
What is the large strip of flat land that runs along the Atlantic Ocean called?
Coastal Plain
The Eastern Shore forms the southern tip of this peninsula that includes parts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.
Delmarva Peninsula
The harbor area of the Tidewater that includes the cities of Hampton, Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth is called:
Hampton Roads
The name of the city sitting on the York River.
A popular tourist attraction to the Tidewater region:
Virginia Beach
The two American Indian reservations found along rivers of the Tidewater are:
Pamunkey Reservation and Mattaponi Reservation
The region who's natural borders are the Blue Ridge Mountains and the fall line:
The line of waterfalls that runs between the Tidewater and Piedmont regions.
Fall Line
The Piedmont region is a __________ with rolling hills.
Our state capital is the city of _______________.
This city sits along the falls of the Appomattox River:
This city sits along the falls of the Rappahannock River:
This Piedmont city used the power of the Dan River to power machines:
A woven fabric is known as a _________.
The Metro in Washington, D.C. is a _______ _________ ___________.
Mass Transit System
This nearby city outside of Washington, D.C. grew up as a trading center on the Potomac River:
This city is the home of the University of Virginia. (UVA)
A line of mountains and hills is known as a _________.
The region who's natural boundaries are the Valley and Ridge region and the Piedmont region:
Blue Ridge Mountains
___ __________ is the highest peak in Virginia at 5,729 ft.
Mt. Rogers
This gap allows the roanoke river to pass through the Blue Ridge Mountains:
Roanoke Gap
Skyline Drive runs through this national park at the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains
Shenandoah National Park
This region has the natural borders of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Plateau.
Valley and Ridge
The ____________ Mountain range makes up the western side of the Valley and Ridge region.
The _____________ of ____________ makes up the eastern part of the Valley and Ridge region.
Valley of Virginia
The Valley of Virginia is part of the _______ __________, which runs from Alabama to New York.
Great Valley
This river valley is in the northern most part of the Valley and Ridge region.
Shenandoah Valley
The Wilderness Road was created by Daniel Boone through this wind gap.
Cumberland Gap
This region is the farthest region to the west and is known as the "toe of the boot."
The Appalachian Plateau
The two major types of coal mining are:
Deep Mining and Surface Mining
Families who farmed on the Appalachian Plateau lived by this type of farming:
Subsistence Farming
Families would also ________, or trade goods without money in the Appalachian Plateau region.