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Why did the Spaniards attack the Incans?
Atahualpa threw the Bible on teh ground
Who claimed Florida?
Juan Ponce de Leon
What was Juan Ponce de Leon when he set sail northward from the Caribbean?
to find the Fountain of Youth (north of Cuba)
What was the center of the Spanish North American empire called?
New Spain
Name 3 American Indian groups that lived along Florida's coast?
Apalachee, Calusa, and Timucua
Who secured the first settlement in Florida?
Pedro Menendez de Aviles
What was the oldest city established by Europeans within the U.S.?
St. Augustine
Who founded St. Augustine?
Pedro Menendez de Aviles
Who established the first Spanish settlement in New Mexico?
Juan de Onate
What did Juan de Onate do?
found first Spanish settlement in New Mexico
What was New Mexico's capital?
Santa Fe
Who was a Pueblo Prophet?
Who built missions near present-day Nogales and Tucson
Father Eusebio Kino
What is another name for forts?
What is another name for religious communities?
Where was the first permanent Spanish colony?
Which was the last of Spain's territiories in North America to be colonized?
What is another name for large provinces?
Where were the first viceroyalties formed?
New Spain and Peru
Who could report directly to the king of Spain?
the audiencia
What did King Philip II issue?
The Royal Orders for New Discoveries
What were the largest types of houses?
What were smaller farms and ranches called?
Where did Peons work?
What are vaqueros?
Skilled spanish horsemen