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Why did the Columbus start his journey anyway?
The Europeans wanted a faster trade route to the East that didn't involve traveling through the Mediterranean Sea
Which general direction did Columbus sail in?
Where did Columbus grow up?
Genoa, Italy
What is teh center of European knowledge about sea travel?
Lisbon, Portugal
How many miles from Portugal did Columbus believe Asia was?
2,400 miles
What was the actual distance Asia was away from Portugal?
12,000 miles
Who did Columbus first go to for a sponsor?
John II of Portugal
Who ended up sponsering Columbus' journey?

Isabella and Ferdinand

Columbus said they could get money (gold) and make the people there Catholic
What is another word for governor?
How much of the Asian riches would Columbus recieve?
What were the 3 ships that Columbus took?
Santa Maria
Where was the first voyage stop?
Canary Islands
When did they spot land?
October 12, 1492
What phrase means "land!"
What had Columbus named one of the Bahama Islands (which he thought was Asia)?
San Salvador, meaning Holy Savior
What did Columbus call the island-dwellers?
Indios - Inhabitatns of the Indies
What does Taino mean?
Good or noble in Arawak
Where had the Santa Maria landed or shipwrecked off?
Where did Columbus establish the first colony?

What was its name?

La Navidad (the nativity)
What did Columbus find when he returned to La Navidad?
Nothing - everything and everyone was gone
What is an encomienda?
A system of colonists who recieved the right to have a certain number of American Indians work for them
What did Queen Isabella think of the encomiendas?
Indians were not slaves. They were supposed to be paid a small allowance for their labors
Who was Bartolome de Las Casas?
An encomendero who urged the spanish government to treat the Indians better
Why were the American Indians dying?
They were not immune to the European diseases
Who replaced Indian laborers?
African slaves